My Thirty Day Journey: Day 8

So today was a big day, I bought a bunny!  I now own a small seven week old Californian Rabbit. In the last few days I have been up and down feeling wise, but holding that little small fluff honestly helped making me feel better.  She is so petite and cute right now.  The scary thought right now is what my mother will do to me once she finds out what I bought since I owe money and I am currently also trying to help with farm income.  She always told me no more pets, but look at me buying another one!  I now own five animals!  Maybe I have a problem…because I already want more.

Maybe that is my problem though I buy animals to keep me happy and social since I don’t have a lot of friends.  I have animals because it’s company and interaction when I can’t get it out of a person.  It’s someone nonjudgmental and easy to handle.  That’s why I have a dog, two rabbits and two horses and likely to be even more.  The company is calming and it’s casual.  I can enjoy myself without a worry even if I am sad or unhappy, they don’t care.  They’re just there.  They don’t judge or tell me I have no reason to be unhappy they are just there to hold and love.  Something I rarely get out of people, ever.


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