My Thirty Day Journey: Day 11

So I made plans to see my ex-boyfriend this Sunday.

I have been writing and rewriting the letter I want to send him over and over again.  I feel like I just can’t say what I would likely kindly and it’s killing me.  I feel like I just get too hard and aggressive in my words because I am unhappy in the situation we are in.  I don’t feel like I can properly give to him what he needs and I don’t feel like he can do the same for me.  Sadly I really want to work something out with him to I an struggling to work something out between us that would work.

Sometimes I feel like we have reached the end of the line.  We both want different things so maybe we can’t provide what we want and it’s just time to move on?  I have no idea and since nobody made this easy to work on it just breaks my heart feeling lost and confused about a situation I can’t do much about.  Hopefully the letter will shine some light on the issues.


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