About Me

Well, this couldn’t be anymore awkward now could it?  I should be able to tell you exactly who I am with such precision it would make you sick.  Oddly enough half the time I have no idea who I truly am.  Trust me though when I tell you ‘I am not having an identity crisis’, I am a young adult and most people my age have no clue which direction they’re going.  I can tell you what I do know though:

My name is Charlotte, but honestly if you called me that I would probably slap you.  I hated that name growing up so you’ll just have to settle with calling me Charley.

I was born in August, ideal because most people are too busy by than to celebrate your birthday with you because it’s the summer.  That’s okay, I’m twenty so it’s not like I should be celebrating anymore, right?  Too old.

I am an outstanding 5’5″, which somebody tells me is the perfect height, which is probably the silliest and sweetest thing to hear.  Your height is just perfect.

I am a ‘professional’ horse groom, but I have my eyes set on becoming a horse trainer.  Luckily I have an amazing boss who actually granted me the opportunity to help one of our boarders work and train her horse.  I might only be taking baby steps in the direction of being a professional horse trainer, but son I can tell you nothing feels better like receiving your first project.

I love animals, obviously, unless you haven’t noticed by my line of work.  I have three pets in my life.  Firstly I have a small white and brown rabbit named Buttons, than I have a young black Labrador name Sabrina and lastly I have a beautiful Chestnut mare Oldenburg named Rhapsody.  I will likely obtain more and more animals as I go, can anybody say crazy animal lady in the making?

I’m not just a big ball of cheer and giggles though, but I kid you not I am hilarious!  To be honest I have severe anxiety which has hindered me from day to day activities and severe depression that crushes dreams, wants and needs.  I have some deep struggles and this was why I created this blog.

I created this blog because I am a person who likes to share, but not share just my problems.  I like to share my experiences with others who struggle with the same problems so maybe they themselves can grow too.

That’s my big goal in life: to help at least one person grow just the smallest bit.

I would be happy with that.


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