Life’s Questions

We all have questions at some point in our life, some people more than others.  Not everybody has the ability to go to somebody though, not everybody has the answer.  I remember growing up as a child trying to get people to give me the life long answers to all my problems.  Here’s the crap though though, nobody can actually give you the answer to anything you really want to know.  Answer’s need to come from within you, but a good experienced person can help you sort out what you need to do to find your answers.

Here in ‘Life’s Questions’ I will provide an email for you to email, anybody who spams will  receive a blocked IP address, and with that you can email me your question.  Please make sure in the subject line you write ‘Life’s Questions’ and let me know if you’d like to be anonymous!  I have no problem keeping things anonymous so nobody knows who you are an that way you can feel safe and comfortable sharing.  Feel free to ask me anything and I will be making a little category for these so keep your eyes peeled!